A Note from our Director Bill Findeison

WE have just received word that the Chasco Fiesta Parade in New Port Richey on March 28th has been POSTPONED. This, along with the CANCELLATION of the St. Pat’s Parade Saturday has made for a very disappointing and sad week for our Rounders.
In addition, we are monitoring the situation as it unfolds with respect to the performance on April 11th, the Pinellas Community Band Festival. Please continue to watch for Rounder newsletters so you stay informed.
At present we still have two rehearsals scheduled for March 31st (Pinellas Park) and April 7th, (Coliseum). Again, our leadership and board will discuss and decide what is best for our band regarding the health, and safety of our members as well as our future performance commitments as they relate to these rehearsals.
At this time there are still three definite dates on our calendar for spring. Certainly the May 30th Pier Grand Opening and the unknown new date for the Chasco Parade. July 4th is the nationally covered Pier Opening.
But, there’s more!!! This fall is the unveiling of our first ever fall season, complete with one parade, TWO major high school band contests and perhaps some involvement with the Super Bowl! Regardless of this spring situation, we can all look forward to a new slate when we meet on October 6th to work on our field show. If performing for 5,000 people excites you, plan on joining us this fall. Keep all your music…you’ll need it. Watch for the big details coming soon.
Thank you for your hard work and fun approach to this awesome band. Hang tight and stay tuned. Our day will come.