July 4th Pier Performance Cancelled

Cloudy 2020 Vision!

Happy June, Rounders!

I doubt there are many of us that have experienced a year like we are having this year. With the pandemic, civil unrest, and cancelled performances, we, our country, and the world are suffering through some tough and unexpected times in 2020. We all will get through this together and the Rounders will be waiting at the end to resume our “8 to 5” as soon as we can. I continue to be thankful that Macy’s was LAST year and not 2020!

The City of St. Pete has not established a date for the Pier Grand Opening at this time. All we know is that there are plans to have it at some point in the future. Obviously, a lot of the decisions and date planning will be contingent on the Coronavirus and the physical restrictions in place which dictate crowd size, control and safe distancing.

Consequently, we will not be performing on July 4th, which was the original date mentioned way back in February before the virus hit. Accordingly, we will not be rehearsing on June 30th as previously announced.  It will be difficult for any band or choir to rehearse or perform under the current “safe distance” guidelines.

Once a new date for the Pier opening has been established, our board will decide if it is doable and if so, will set rehearsal dates and notify you immediately. Please hang on to all your music from the spring. We will keep you posted as soon as we know something definite.

FALL Schedule – October 6, 10, and 13th practices?? Everything at this time is a GO. We are closely monitoring the school and music program discussions as they relate to marching bands and contests. Our fall schedule is tied to their decisions and when we know, you will know if things have changed. For now, continue to plan for a fall Rounder season.

 I have heard many of you say or write that you miss each other! I can agree to that. When Brett & Lee put out that virtual performance of “on Broadway” last month with a bunch of you guys, we sat in front of our screens and wept. It made me realize how important each of you and music are to us and we can’t wait to get back at it.

The legend continues…(but never at six to five @ 180)