Jennis Thomas
Creative Director

It’s an honor to be back serving on the Rounders staff. I was involved with the band for 24 years before taking a few years off to focus on being a dad.  Now, I’m back and more excited than ever about our band and its potential.  I”m a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in music education.  I taught high school band in Pinellas County (Osceola HS) for five years before forging a corporate career in human resources, specifically organizational and talent development.   

Each new Rounder performance opportunity is a chance to do what we do best – entertain the crowd with high quality music and visuals, and have a blast preparing and performing with kindred spirits who love being able to pick up the horn, drum or aux equipment – one more time! 

It’s my privilege to serve as both Creative Director and Drum Major.  As Creative Director, I help develop and guide the overall ‘product’ we put on the street or field, and as Drum Major, I have the joy and privilege of also performing with each of you!

My passion for the Rounders runs deep and I’m always happy to assist members in any way.   If you’re new, welcome to the band and I look forward to meeting you.  If you’re a ‘vet’, I can’t wait to see you again!  

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