Leadership – Shepherds / Leads

Shepherds – Musicians

Drum Major – Lee Butts

Baritones – Gordon Thomas
Clarinets – Evelie Davis and Polly Findeison
Flutes / Piccolos – Angie Brown and Nancy Green
Mellophones – Doris Gibson
Percussion – Bruce Hall and Dale Gunter
Saxophones – Linda Connelly and Cindy Paauw
Trombones – Andy Scavelli and Heather Johnson
Trumpets – Roger Green and Tim Holly
Sousaphones – Gordon Thomas

Leads – Twirling Group Auxiliary

Visual Coordinator – Cathy Kersten

Majorettes – Linda Crow, Donna Boerner
Rounderettes – Trish St. Denis, Cathy Scavelli
Flag Line – Lisa Rice
Tall Flags – Nancy Bandy, Kathy Metzger
Banner Carriers – Mike Ellis
Color Guard – Kathy Bolich
Letter Carriers – Tom Martin

Assistance Group

BandAids – Brad Dykens

Drill Coordinator

Drill Coordinator – Mike Wetzel