Bill Findeison
Musical Director and Co-Founder

Welcome to our MARCH TO MACY’S!

Welcome to the Greater St. Petersburg Area Awesome, Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band and the upcoming 2019 season!

As a former, returning, or new member you are reading this letter because you might be interested in the Rounders. We are glad you are (as did 450 others at this writing), and this letter will provide you with some important information leading up to the big “March to Macy’s Meeting” on June 19th at Allendale United Methodist Church in the SANCTUARY at 7:00 pm. Everyone wanting to march at Macy’s should attend this “Everything Macy’s” meeting to hear about performance expectations, uniforms, hotel rooms, travel arrangements and dates, costs, etc.

The Rounders were chosen (again!) from among 120 applications of excellent bands from around the country. Only NINE were selected. Quite an honor to march with eight other elite bands (and for a second time!).  Our responsibility is to deliver a performance that will bring excitement, joy and pride to our community, our state and Macy’s.

There will be two Rounder seasons in 2019. Our shorter, regular season in the spring will span February and March. The fall Macy’s season will begin on September 17th in the St. Pete Coliseum (see www.secondtimearounders.org for schedule of required practices).  It is not required that you march the spring season to march the fall season. But the music and parade routines performed in the spring will be the same in the fall. So, you will be somewhat behind on the music and parade routines in the fall if you do not march in the spring. We encourage everyone to do both and double the fun!

Our Macy’s band will be limited to around 400 musicians and auxiliary (Macy’s rules). There will be limits in certain sections when we surpass numerical quotas based on ideal group or section sizes. We are already reaching those numbers in some sections.

We will perform two parade tunes during the Macy’s parade and one show tune in front of the TV cameras in Herald Square for national TV. We will expect all three to be memorized. Not a big deal. You can do it with a little repetitive practice at home along with band practice. No music or lyres will be needed on the parade route. All three of these tunes will be performed in the Spring giving you ample time to practice and memorize them.

Most band “geeks” (said with great affection) who have marched in high school or college had a dream to march the big one – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Having done this ten years ago with the Rounders, I can assure you that it will be an experience that will go down as one of life’s major memories. To experience NYC for four days in the heart of the city and march in the granddaddy of them all is quite special in the life of an adult band member…when it comes around, grab it!

As you make your decision, don’t just look at the parade…..consider the commitment and whether you can honor the total commitment. Our preparation as a team is critical to our performance. As part of this team you will be expected to make all practices listed.  National TV and 3M people on the streets require our best and that means clearing schedules and coming to all practices with the team. We all have eighteen months to plan our schedules, so do it now.

EXPECTATIONS for Rounders wanting to march in Macy’s Parade:

Are you physically in shape and medically able to march a 2 1/2 mile parade?
Can you make all the practices and be on time (ALL the practices)?
Can you march in step, look good, play well and execute the routine or drill with perfection?

Since our selection announcement, our board of directors, creative staff and many others have been meeting and planning to make your Macy’s experience a trip of a lifetime.  The bar has been raised. In the marching band world, this honor and our responsibility is as big as it gets. We never pretended to be a championship high school band or DCI corps, but as Second Time Arounders we will meet the challenge and trust Macy’s has given us and deliver an exciting, entertaining, and flawless visual and musical performance that only 400+ Rounders can provide…..see you on the 19th to hear all about it!

The legend continues…..37 years… still marching and lookin’ good!