Member Info – Join The Band

Joining this band is something special. The music. The pageantry. The friendships. Some have marched with us all thirty-seven years. Others joined just last season and look forward to thirty or more years ahead of them.

A Community Marching Band from the greater St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Florida area, the “Rounders” boast over 450 members ages 18-80! Open to anyone who has ever performed in a high school or college marching band who would like to do it again, a “Second Time Around.” Rehearses and performs locally around Tampa Bay typically Jan-April/May each year, keeping the season short to maximize membership and membership’s enjoyment of the band!

Membership opportunities for 2019 and our second appearance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade have passed but we ENCOURAGE you to think about us for 2020. Let us know your interest by clicking here to add you to our mailing list. CLICK HERE.

Join us on Facebook at our public page for photos, videos, and periodic updates about the band and what’s up with us. Follow us through the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade then join us in January 2020.

For thirty-seven years joining this band has been a life-enhancing event for our members both musically and socially. We can’t begin to tell you how much fun this group is and how much it means to so many twirlers, dancers, musicians, and support team members.

Our planned 2020 performances include: (To Be Announced) Season begins in January.

Our full calendar of rehearsals and performances, as well as special events (social and fundraising) can always be found on our Calendar Page here.

NOT BEEN A ROUNDER BEFORE? – How do I learn more toward joining?

1. Tell Us About Yourself – If you are interested in joining for the first time, complete the short Yes I’m Interested Form below, to start the process. We will contact you via email within a few days. Submitting your information does not obligate you to join the Rounders. It does get you on our mailing list for occasional informational emails and the like.

2. Attend All Rehearsals and Performances – Our online calendar provides a planning tool (six months ahead) so you can clear your calendar to participate. All members are expected to be at all practices. If it becomes necessary for you to miss one practice, you will need to clear it in advance with your section’s shepherd. See our calendar link above!

3. Get Your Uniform Ready
– Musicians wear an official shirt and cap, with blue “Docker-style” pants (white shoes and sox, black belt is optional) View “Member Info – Uniform/Merchandise” navigation above. Macy’s participants will have a special uniform for that big day!
– Auxiliary Units have an official uniform ordered at the beginning of the year with help of your section lead (after joining)!

4. Be Ready to Have Fun – Being part of the Rounder Family, is something you will enjoy. There is nothing like preparing and performing again for a cheering crowd!

If you HAVE NOT BEEN A ROUNDER BEFORE, start the process by completing your online “Yes I’m Interested” form (link below), to let us know you’re evaluating joining. We will contact you in a few days via email. Our privacy policy does not allow us to share any of your Contact Information.  Yes, I am Interested

If you have any questions about joining the band, please feel free to contact us through our Recruiting lead, Lee Lafleur, at