Member Info – 2019 Music Practice Clips

 [ Note:  Apple devices and Safari browsers play these clips just fine, however, have trouble downloading files from a link – Link Here ]

Clarification of two places as they relate to Herald Square and the parade tunes:

Herald Square – Echano:  The band ends the chord on count 3.  Rest on count 4 while KEEPING HORNS UP, drag turn to the right for four counts and begin playing “On Broadway” while exiting and moving forward.

Parade tunes “On Broadway” and “Evil Ways“:  Bring horns DOWN from playing position on the NEXT BEAT after cut off of last note.


Play New Revised Herald Square Music Clip  – / (download) (New July 2019)

Play New On Broadway only  – / (download)

Play Evil Ways  – / (download)

Play Copacabana –  / Copacabana

Play This Is Me (Tall Flags) – / download)

Play Shut Up And Dance  (Majorettes) – / (download)

Play El Capitan March (Tall Flags) –  / (download)

Play Zoot Suit Riot (Rounderettes) – / (download)

Play Enchano  (Concert Version – Concert Flag Line & Rifles)  / (download)

Play 50 Ways To Say Goodbye –  / download

Play On Broadway-NY NY 2019 (Concert and Parade version) – / (download)

Play Manhattan (warm up) – / (download)

Play When A Man Loves A Woman – / (download)

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