Member Info – 2020 Music Practice Clips

 [ Note:  Apple devices and Safari browsers play these clips just fine, however, have trouble downloading files from a link – Link Here ]

Clarification of two places as they relate to Herald Square and the parade tunes:

Herald Square – Echano:  The band ends the chord on count 3.  Rest on count 4 while KEEPING HORNS UP, drag turn to the right for four counts and begin playing “On Broadway” while exiting and moving forward.

Parade tunes “On Broadway” and “Evil Ways“:  Bring horns DOWN from playing position on the NEXT BEAT after cut off of last note.


Play New Herald Square Music Clip  – / (download) (New April 2019)

Play On Broadway-NY NY 2019 (Concert and Parade version) – / (download)

Play Con Slancio  10509153

Play 25 or 6 to 4 (Rounderettes) 2340149

Play You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman 10956495

Play Summertime 10998225

Play Feel It Still (Majorettes) 10876882

Play I’m Shipping Up To Boston 10304938

Play American Exultant March 2478395

Play Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band  (Closer) 10304114

Play Manhattan (warm up) – / (download)

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