Join the Band January 2022!


A Community Marching Band based in St. Petersburg but serving the whole Tampa Bay Florida area, the “Rounders” consistently march over 400 members ages 18-80, open to anyone who has ever performed in a high school or college marching band who would like to do it again, a “Second Time Around.”  

We rehearse and perform locally around Tampa Bay typically September thru December each year keeping the season short to maximize participation and ensure our members full enjoyment of the band! 

 Getting started with us is simple. First, let us know your INTEREST in the band, with no obligation, by completing a short survey and adding yourself to our mailing list. SURVEY HERE. Within a few days, one of our section leaders will reach out to you to chat and to answer any questions you might have. If you’ve been in the band the last 2-3 years, there’s no need take the survey, just register for the season once registration is open this Fall

Next, “Like Us” on Facebook at our public page for photos, videos, and periodic updates about the band and what’s up with us. “Like us” at:

Lastly (for now), review our 2022 schedule of performances and rehearsal dates online to make sure you can make each scheduled event. We update the calendar often with more specifics as we get closer to an event date. You can find our schedule here: Rounders Calendar. Our drum line and auxiliary units (majorettes, flag lines, dancers) often start before earlier than the musicians and those dates will be added to the calendar if not already there when you check. Those section leads will also tell you those dates when they reach-out after receiving your interest survey.

That’s it. Tell us you’re interested (take the survey above). Register for the season once registrations open’s this Fall (emails will tell you when). Like our Facebook page to stay up to date and come to rehearsal as noted on the calendar.

For forty years joining this band has been a life-enhancing event for our members both musically and socially. We can’t begin to tell you how much fun this group is and how much it means to the many twirlers, dancers, musicians, and support team members. We hope you experience that with us…this next season!

A Couple of Additional Things:

Rehearsals and Attendance Our online calendar provides you a planning tool (several months ahead) so you can clear your calendar to participate. All members are expected to be at all practices. If it becomes necessary for you to miss one practice, you will want to clear it in advance please with your section leader. If you don’t believe you can make all the dates this year, we look forward to again inviting you to join the band but maybe in a future season. It’s not a lot of dates, but we do need you there! (Schedule sometimes subject to adjustments and minor changes).

Uniform Musicians wear an official shirt and cap, with blue “Docker-style” pants (white shoes and socks, and a black belt) You can view “Member Info – Uniform/Merchandise” on our website navigation menu above. We’ll help you with all that beginning at the second or third rehearsal.

– Auxiliary Units have an official uniform ordered at the beginning of the year with help of your section lead (after joining)! Your section lead will help you with all that as well!

Auditions There are no auditions for our musicians. You’ll know at the first rehearsal if you’re able to play after a little practice. Some members hadn’t played their instruments for twenty or more years before joining the band and in nearly every case, it came back them. There are minimum performance expectations of our majorettes, flag teams, and dancers that our section leads will work with you on once you complete the survey. Don’t be shy, come give us a try!

If you have any questions about joining the band, please feel free to contact us at I’ll return your note typically in a day or two!

We sincerely hope you choose to join the band! You’ll be glad you did.

Many thanks for your interest and our preliminary welcome!

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