Meet Jim Cleveland - Band President

As band president my goal will be to enhance the already fun and enjoyable experiences of the band. I will work in concert with the board to increase transparency, Band member involvement, Band public visibility and exposure, and ensure the viability of the band in keeping with the goals and aspirations of the founders. These are just some of the target items that are set for accomplishment. The board is the governing body of the band along with the supporting officers all guided by the bylaws of the organization. We will work closely with director, Steve Cantin, and the Creative staff to ensure that we produce stellar performances and member experiences that will be ultra-enjoyable.

Meet Lisa Hoyland - Band Vice President

Serving as your vice president I bring over 24 years serving on local nonprofit organization boards. I am looking forward to working with President Jim, the Board of Directors and our members to ensure that we continue to bring fun experiences while being professional and engaging the band and community together, so that potential members can have the opportunity to play/perform One More Time.

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