Shepherds – The section leaders of the music sections.

Leads – The group leaders of the auxiliary units.


Shepherds and Lead management Page Password protected

Here is the the latest list of Shepherds / Leads


            Flutes and Piccolos – Angie Brown, Nancy Green

            Clarinets – Polly Findeison, Tracy Nickel-Martin

            Saxophones – Linda Connelly, Cindy Paauw

            Trumpets – Mary Matonis

            Mellophones – John Green

            Trombones – Andy Scavelli

            Baritones – Jim Cleveland

            Sousaphones – Gordon Thomas

            Percussion – Jason Yarbrough, Carroll Ford

Visual Co-Coordinators – Cathy Kersten, Frank Hay, Cheryl Stacks

Auxiliary Leads

            Majorettes – Linda Crow, Denise Brunvand

            Rounderettes – Cathy Scavelli, Trish St Denis, Sharon Dindal

Visual Team Leads – Betty Jordan, Jeannie Elliott, Tom Martin

            Flag Line – Lisa Rice, Janice Pilkenton, Cheryl Stacks

            Rifle Line – Frank Hay, Patrice Wall

            Banner Carriers – Carole Kinney, Becky Cohn

            Honor Guard – Kathy Bolich


            Band-Aids – Brad Dykens, Gordon Dunn, David Elliott

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