Marching Tips


Musician Uniform (Including Pageantry Auxiliary)
• “Official” Hat – Official Rounders hat, worn “squared” on your head, not tilted back
• “Official” Shirt – Official Rounders red shirt (always tucked in)
• Slacks – Docker style slacks, must be same color as “Official” Rounders hat, no jeans
• Shoes – Any white walking/tennis shoes without color stripes or logos
• Belt – Black in color.
• Pins or Jewelry – No unapproved pins or jewelry on shirt/hat
• “Official” Water Bottle Holder – Official Rounders black holder placed on designated side (left/right – decided by section)

Twirling Auxiliary Uniform 
• Hair accessories as approved by your lead
• “Official” Shirt – Official Rounders red shirt for Rifles, tucked in, for all others, White Shirt, not tucked in, hemmed if it’s too long
• “Official” skirt for Dancers, and majorettes, Slacks for Flag line
• Shoes – Any white walking/tennis shoes without color stripes or logos
• Pins or Jewelry – No unapproved pins or necklaces,  Matching Earrings to your section

Musicians, While standing still in rank or at “Attention”
• Head – hold your head up – Be Proud!
• Look forward – move just your eyes
• Shoulders back
• Instrument held with both hands
• Feet – heels together and toes out at a 45 degree angle

Twirling Auxiliary, While standing still in rank or at “Attention”

• Head – hold your head up – Be Proud!
• Look forward – move just your eyes
• Shoulders back
• Equipment and free hands held in “attention” position
• Feet – heels and toes together

Before the Parade or Concert:
• Warm-up – It is customary for the band to form close to the parade route to warm-up and play through a few tunes. Between the time we leave the formation area and arrive at the parade route, please don’t “doodle” … let the first note of the first tune be impressive.

While Marching:
• When marching, use heel-to-toe walk (to eliminate up and down movement)
• Always avoid excess motion (You’ll look good & instrument will sound better)
• Look good first, then, play if you can.
• Both hands are always on the instrument.
• Brass Instruments held parallel to ground (while playing) – Others decided by section.
• Holding your instrument while marching (not playing) – Decided by section, however, most sections hold their instruments vertical with both hands in front of their body.

Staying In Line: (Remember these 3 things and you will always be in line)
• The designated Center Guide is responsible for the spacing with the row in front.
• Always stay in line with the person next to you (to the inside of your rank).
• Always stay immediately behind the person’s neck in front of you.

Horns Up during the Drum Rolloff & start playing Parade Music immediately thereafter
• “Pop” your horns up on the 4th beat of the rolloff with a sharp motion
• Parade music – alternate 2 Parade Tunes – after the drum rolloff
• Start marching and playing at the same time. Left foot to pavement on beat 1 and 3.

Marching Forward (Practice this with a mirror.)
• Heel-to-toe Walking Style – Plant the heel of your foot onto the pavement with your toes raised. Roll the rest of your foot down to the ground. Your head should not move up and down. (The Rounders walking style does not incorporate high-stepping or knee raising.)

How do we turn at a street corner during a parade?
• At the turn or corner (exact location set by the Drum Major signal), the line pinwheels depending upon the direction we are turning. The inside of the line takes very small steps, while the outside of the line takes larger steps. This line should stay straight the entire time.

Marching Tips Briefing Card 

Parade Turn Video – Notice how incorrectly the lines start the turn early (before the intersection).

Marking Time
• During the parade, the Drum Major may stop forward motion. Continue to march in place, toes do not leave the ground, heels only will raise, knees will pass as steps are taken.

What if I drop my music?
• If you drop your music, keep marching. Band Aids should be able to get your music.

Advice From Brad

From Brad Dykens

Private Medical Information Form (Optional)
Download Form Here (2-up form – updated for Macy’s)
Complete info and place in left shoe during performances