Member Info – Auxiliary Organization & Requirements

Cathy Kersten
Visual Coordinator

Auxiliary Overview

Rounderettes - Dance and Drill Team
Flag Line
Rifle Line
Tall Flags

Banner Carriers
Honor Guard
Letter Carriers
Auditions Scheduled at the beginning of the Season.

Please check within each section's tab (below) to review their individual Group Requirements.

Auxiliary Groups

And We're "Happy" - 2015

  "Dream Season" - Macy's Parade 2008

  "Thriller" - Calgary Saddle Dome 2011

  "You've got a Friend in me" - Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Parade 2014

  "Honoring those who have served" - Veterans Parade 2014


Linda Crow and Donna Boerner - Co-Leads

Majorette Rehearsal Calendar - Note 3 early rehearsals! - View Calendar Here 

Majorette Welcome Letter - View Document Here

Majorette Minimum Performance Requirements - View Video Here

Majorette Private Page (Password Needed)
 - -

  Cathy Scavelli, Trish St. Denis and Sharon Dindal - Co-Leads
Rounderette Welcome Letter - View Welcome Letter Here

  Rounderette Requirements Intro - View Document Here

  Rounderette Private Page (Password Needed)



Lisa Rice - Co-Lead


Ivonne Espada - Co-Lead


Wendy Borcyk - Co-Lead

Welcome Letter - View Document Here

  Preparing for Macy's 2019 - View Document Here

  Flag Line Requirements Recap - View Document Here

  Flag Line Basics Video from Lisa Rice - View Video Here

1-8-2019 On Broadway Parade Routine 64 counts - View Video Here

  Flag Line Private Page (Password Needed) - All Info Contained Above

Frank Hay - Lead

Patrice Wall - Co-Lead
2019 Welcome Letter Link

2019 Rifle Line Requirements Link

2019 Preparing for Macy's Parade Link


Nancy Bandy - Co-Lead

Kathy Metzger - Co-Lead

Welcome Letter

  Requirements: Marching Audition

Tall Flag Private Page (Password Needed)

Mike Ellis - Lead
Requirements: Rounders style walking.

Kathy Bolich - Lead
Requirements: Audition required annually

Tom Martin - Lead
Requirements: maximum of 21 Letter Carriers