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Band Overview

Musical Sections

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Band Aides
Full Participation - Clear your calendar to attend all rehearsals and performances.

Auditions - Musician auditions are not necessary for those who have participated in a high school, college or military marching band.

EXPECTATIONS for Rounders wanting to march in Macy’s Parade:
Are you physically in shape and medically able to march a 2 ½ mile parade?
Can you make all the practices and on time?
Can you march in step, look good, play well and do the routine or drill with perfection?


       Angie Brown & Nancy Sanderbeck - Co-Shepherds

Polly Findeison, Tracy Nickel-Martin, Evelie Davis, - Co-Shepherds

Tracie Nickel - Shepherd

Linda Connelly & Cindy Paauw - Co-Shepherds
Saxophone Candid Photos Thanks Lisa Pesta

Tim Holly and Roger Green - Co-Shepherds

Doris Gibson - Shepherd

Gordon Thomas - Shepherd

Andrew Scavelli and Heather Johnson - Co-Shepherds

Gordon Thomas - Shepherd
2018 Sousaphone Section

Quads - Sachie Hainline / Bass Drums - Renée  Athey / Cymbals - Linda Attkisson / Snares - Jason Yarbrough

Brad Dykens - Shepherd

Wecome all members of the Band Aid Team!

Everybody please take note of my cell phone number listed below and store it on your cell phone. As we use cell phones as a way to communicate during events.

As we have done in the past our mission is to provide support to the band. We have a vast array of talent in our group. Some of us have medical training which can be utilized if you so desire. All we do is simple basic first aid or CPR as permitted by local medical authorities.

We also have mechanical, electrical, and organizational talents. Whatever you bring to the table w,e will graciously work with.

Looking forward to great Season

Thank you!


Your friendly Band Aide Lead

Brad Dykens