Previous marching band Flag spinning experience is HIGHLY recommended.
This group is high energy and focuses on crisp precision movements in our flag
routines. Members must possess excellent coordination skills and showmanship,
be a quick learner, and be able to memorize and execute routines with a SMILE.
Flag Line members must display the ability to perform:

● Drop Spins, Double-fast Spins, Sweeps, Precision Angles and Slams,
Butterflies, Windmills, Rowing forward & backwards, Box Drill, and C-1
while maintaining good upper body posture and form

● March heel/toe while performing parade routine

Flag Line members must also be able to:

● Learn routine at a fairly quick pace

● Memorize and retain routines (routines will be practiced and performed in
a way that you will not always have someone to watch)

● Show consistent coordination skills – forward march and/or mark time in
step to music, while accurately performing routines

● March at least 3 miles while maintaining good posture and exhibiting
excellent showmanship with a smile
Members should be committed to the practice and performance schedule, and
committed to practicing on their own.

Lisa Rice

Swing Flag Co-Lead

Cheryl Stacks

Swing Flag Co-Lead

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