To all our Rounders Shepherds and Aux Leads, the Rounders Board of Directors and Rounder Staff   want to thank each of you for your willingness to serve the band in this management position. The operation and communication of our all-volunteer band could not work without people like yourself stepping up to perform this important function.

We recognize that from time to time this position may be challenging.  We would like to encourage you to remain calm, friendly, helpful and uplifting.

The purpose of this page is to be a source for tools and information to help you in the performance of this position. Most updates will be given to you via email or in person by Board or Staff.

Thanks again for your contribution to the Rounder Band.

Shepherds / Leads Handbook – 2018 Season

Here is a recap of the guidelines  for the Shepherds / Leads positions. This document was updated before the 2018

  Download Handbook Here

Section Contact Information… Use your section password to enter your section or group

Baritone Section

Clarinet Section

Flute Section

Mellophone Section

Percussion Section

Saxophone Section

Sousaphone Section

Trombone Section

Trumpet Section

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