Rounders Rifle Line Minimum Performance Requirements

Prior Marching Band, Drum and Bugle Corps or Winter Color Guard experience is required to audition for the Rifle Line. Due to the short duration of the season we do not have the time to make this a training group; prospective members are expected to have certain skill sets in place prior to joining the organization. This group is responsible for delivering clean and concise performances that enhance the visual effect of the Band. The focus is on precision equipment work that is performed solid and clean without drops. Members must possess excellent coordination skills, showmanship, recovery as well as being able to perform routines with very few (if any) errors. 

Rifle Line members must be able to consistently demonstrate the following:

  • Spins, both Left and Right Hand (24 counts each minimum each hand)
  • Singles-no dip
  • Double-no dip
  • Triples-from a 45 dip
  • Quads-from a full dip
  • Solid catches with no wobbles
  • Extensions/Flourishes-both Left and Right Hand
  • Horizontals
  • Double Fast (4 count minimum)
  • Spin to 4, Double fast on 5-6-7, dip on 8 followed by a solid Triple
  • Exchanges
  • Demonstrate 32 counts of the routine on your own without following anyone
  • Marching in Step

Rifle Line members must also have a mastery of some basic flag skills

  • Drop Spins
  • Double Fast/Peggy Spins
  • Angles
  • Slams
  • Sweeps
  • Tosses-Single and One and a Half
  • Exchanges

Rifle Line Members must also be able to: 

  • Learn routine sections at each rehearsal-you are expected to practice on your own between weekly rehearsals
  • Memorize and retain routines without needing to watch anyone
  • Show consistent coordination skills – forward march and/or mark time in step to music, while accurately performing routines
  • March at least 3 miles while maintaining good posture and exhibiting excellent and consistent performance
  • Willing to learn and try new things-you may be asked to master basic skills in various types of non-traditional equipment
  • Maintain a consistent standard of excellence in performance

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