Spring Trip 2024


Important Announcement: 

The city of Gatlinburg changed the parade date from April 26, 2024 to April 13, 2024. The date is thirteen days earlier than the originally planned date. We solicited your input, via survey, as to whether we should continue with the Gatlinburg trip and the results are in. Thanks to your input we have made a final decision. There are 275 registered Rounder members. 76 members expressed a desire to continue with the trip. 46 members expressed a desire to cancel the trip. 27 members expressed that they have no opinion one way or the other. The total number of responses to the survey was 149 members.

We also expressed that it was necessary that we have 100 rooms with a paid deposit in order to meet our required minimum from the tour company. At the time of the survey results we only have 59 paid rooms with a deposit. There are only 2 folks that have paid the “participation fee”.

Another and most important factor measured at the time of the survey is instrumentation. The survey results indicate that only 84 members have registered and paid some money via the tour company’s (Box5) portal. That number includes only 2 tubas, only 1 mellophone, only 1 cymbal, zero bass drums, zero quads, only 1 snare drum, only 2 trombones.

There is another list that shows 126 members registered via Box 5 but it includes people who have not paid any money. That list also indicates a lack of instrumentation as described above. As we all know, we must have a fully functional band in order to have a successful performance.

The Board has considered your feedback and with much trepidation decided that it would be in the best interest of the band to cancel the Gatlinburg trip.

The Board is committed to having a fun and fabulous season entertaining the greater Tampa Bay community and rejuvenating the band. We are pursuing additional local performance options for 2024 and the future. Stay tuned to your email for updates.

The board of directors is working through details about the group trip cancelation. To cancel your trip individially, log in to the Box5 portal here -> Second Time Arounders (groupcollect.com)

Musically Yours,

Your Board of Directors


What is the cancelation policy? 

 Any money submitted prior to Dec 1, whether an individual or the band as a whole cancels, is fully refundable.  

Anyone can cancel prior to 45 days out with the potential for a small (approx 10%) cancellation fee. 

After that the cancellation penalty ramps up. 

Within 45 days prior to departure – There is a $150 per person cancellation fee plus any fees levied by hotels,

transportation companies, and other retailers and vendors.

Within 30 days prior to departure – There is a 50% per person cancellation fee plus any fees levied by hotels,

transportation companies, and other retailers and vendors.

Within 15 days prior to departure – No refund will be given.

If Box 5 cancels any program you will receive a full refund including the group deposit.

Enhanced trip protection is also available through Box5 during registration if you would like extra protection.

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